Keep an eye on this page for status updates regarding our incoming German Parkas stock.

21 May 2023

We received our stock. We are busy checking all the jackets and will open sales again on Wednesday 24 May.

18 May 2023

We received the stock but we can't send it out yet. All the jackets are "disassembled" so we have to put them together. We will first courier all the pre-orders once we get them packed and will then open sales online and in-store.

17 May 2023

Our stock is currently at our bonded warehouse in Kempton Park. We are awaiting release and delivery to us. According to the warehouse, we should have it by tomorrow (18 May) at around 12pm.

15 May 2023

There was a small delay over the weekend. However, we are still expecting stock to arrive late Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

12 May 2023

Our container is finally cleared and on the way. We are expecting stock to arrive on Wednesday 17 May.

11 May 2023

The container has been stuck at Durban harbour since Sunday the 7th. We received an update today that our container is still on the ship but they are busy offloading. We received an update that there is a delay at the port.

It still needs to go through inspection as well so it will be delayed. We apologize for the delay. All we can do is push them as hard as possible to deliver as soon as possible.

We will post an update once we receive more info.